Our Philosophy

Google Ads Simplified

Triangle Digital simplifies Google Ads management through a clear, focused approach represented by an equilateral triangle of services: X, Y, and Z.

  • Point X: We offer a free setup for businesses that choose us for account management, making entry into Google Ads straightforward and accessible.
  • Point Y: Our account management is goal-oriented, not campaign-oriented. We provide tailored Google Ads account management that's designed to work best for your business, focusing on achieving your primary objectives—whether that’s generating more sales or more leads.
  • Point Z: For clients whose ads we don't manage, we focus on the technical setup and onboarding for Google Ads, offering clear, expert support to simplify complex and potentially technical challenges.

This framework reflects our dedication to simplicity and focus, ensuring clients experience an accessible and effective approach to Google Ads with Triangle Digital.

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